Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Food is important. We all get hungry. Everyone knows they need to be nourished. Sustenance keeps us alive and keeps us going.

But, there are some, like myself, who admittedly enjoy their fair amount of baked goods, sugared drinks and savory meals. Why? Because food is not just good, but it is simply joyful. It is satisfying.

Let’s count the reasons why food is so awesome. One, flavors vary so much. Each herb has its own scent and taste. Each fruit has its own acidity, bitterness or sweetness. Two, when complementary flavors are married a most mouth watering dish is created. And three, amongst all of the ins and outs of these scents and tastes there is a conversation that happens. People gather, at a table, at a bar or even a couch and they talk, feast and enjoy.

What satisfies my heart even more than the food though is Isaiah 55. God tells His people to come and eat and drink. Not only does he say to nourish your self freely but to nourish yourself well, with good food. If you’re thirsty and hungry you can come to him. God shows us with food how he is the ultimate provider and satisfier of everything we need.

God created food and he made it interesting. Why wouldn’t we want to explore it to its furthest?

That’s why this blog exists. I enjoy the exploration, the tastes and the conversation. To follow are the recipes tested and the learning other people and I so get to enjoy.

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