Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mahi Mahi Fettucini

I love fish because it's so simple. If you have salt, pepper and good fish then you have an awesome meal. I recently happened upon a Mahi Mahi sale, so I had to get it! Tonight when I decided to make it I had kale in the refrigerator and fettucini in the cupboard. A new, sort of healthy, concoction!

The Final Product: Mahi Mahi Fettucini in a Lemon Butter Sauce with Kale and Almond Slices.

I plate the fish up. Hand it to my husband. Then comes a knock at the door. Life happens, but joyfully. As I struggle for 30 minutes to keep the noodles from hardening and sticking together my husband goes to help our neighbor with a broken down car. In the end, a worthwhile trip because now we know he is also planting a garden this summer. Will my vegetables be shared with his vegetables? I can only hope. Maybe outdoor meals will be made in each others backyard amongst the humid air and fire pits!

I snuck a bite while he was gone and the almond mixed with the buttery lemon Mahi Mahi made my eyes rolls to the back of my head. The flavors were so rich and melty.

I took pictures because I feel like I can make a good meal but I'm not always good at making it look pretty. So here it is:
This dish isn't for the totally health conscious (I mean, I did use a quarter stick of butter), but for the hearty meal after planting a garden kind of gal or fella.

Tips for next time: Try some garlic sauteed in the mix as well. Anytime I cook noodles I add garlic. Can you tell I like heavy flavors?

Enjoy trying this out, and I hope you also find a neighbor who wants to garden with you!


Lemon Juice
Salt/Pepper/Lemon Pepper
Olive Oil
Almond Slices
Mahi Mahi

Melt butter in pan. Add Fish. Sprinkle with Salt/Pepper/Lemon Pepper. Add Almond Slices.

My fillets were really thick so I added some olive oil as the fish started to cook so it wouldn't burn on top.

Boil water. Add Fettucini and Kale. Keep in hot water until fish is ready.

Drain fettucini/kale mixture and add to pan with Mahi Mahi. I added some more butter to the noodles so they wouldn't stick.

Serve and enjoy!